Water, Water, Everywhere

This Sunday many churches will conflate two festivals, and with good reason.

Those without Epiphany services will integrate a migration of the Magi at the beginning, but focus on the Baptism of Christ for the meat of the service.

By the by: If you’ve never done this hybridization, let me know. I’m happy to pass along a worship guide.

But to aid you in your inspiration and sermon writing, even at this late hour, check out what Tamika and Jason have to say on the readings (link below).

And, if you just want a bit of inspiration, remember that the ancient Celts held that water was not only necessary for life, but the lifeblood of all things. Water feeds and destroys, breeds and bears forth in this world.

If the Christ was to do some saving, he needed to be drenched in the source of life we have on earth.

Here’s what Thoughtcast has to say on the topic: https://anamcaracommunity.org/thoughtcast