If You Want a More “Christian” Nation, Elect the Lapsed Jewish Guy

So, here’s the irony: if you want a more “Christian” nation, at least in practice, Bernie Sanders is your candidate.

Hands down.

Full disclosure: I care nothing about having a more “Christian” nation. I think the very idea is actually probably blasphemous…Jesus was into justice for the oppressed and freedom for the captives, not for setting up governments.

But so many say they want this…but, as Jesus says, they know not what they do.

I read a terrible article in the Christian Post (insert your own quotation marks there) about why Christians should vote for Trump and it was all drivel. Anti-intellectual, history-ignoring, nonsense. Going on and on about conservative judges and anti-abortion rhetoric.

Fun-fact: the early church was against infanticide, which was saving babies abandoned after they were born. Today that looks a lot like a social safety net, not anti-medical procedure bills.

Know your history.

So much of “Christian” these days is about belief, and so little about practice, the whole thing has been confused. Many atheists are more Christian in practice than many (most?) regular church-goers who have been “born again” by saying some prayer…

The truth is, though, that if the United States wanted to mirror the early church, they would do these things:

-support the poorest amongst them through shared finances.

-absorb the debts of those within their circle.

– pass out healthcare like it’s going out of style (Jesus was a provider of free healthcare in the ancient world if you trust the Scriptures)

-welcome the stranger

-provide food for everyone, whether they’re at the table or absent.

-use the common good to support (gasp) the commoners.

In the most ancient accounts of the first church, the Book or Acts and the Didache, you find all of the above. Literally. It’s all there.

If you want a more “Christian” nation, vote for the Jewish guy. And if not him, probably the gay guy, or the women from Massachusetts or Minnesota.

They have more in common, at least in ideology and practice, than the current occupant.

Oh, and here’s a secret: Capitalism is not Christian. In fact, it’s anti-Christ in many and various ways…and it amazes me that Christians don’t get this, by and large. Have you read about Jesus?

The Jesus of personal responsibility is a myth. Jesus was about communal responsibility.

We’ve largely forgotten Christian history. We think Constantine is Christ. Or Paul is Christ.

But those first Christians? They knew something about practice: it trumps (word chosen on purpose) belief.

Constantine used the cross to force power on people. Jesus used the cross to break the powerful. The early Christians new this, and practiced it.

We’ve largely forgotten it.

Want a Christian nation (in practice, at least)?

…well, you have some candidates…