On Today

Today the Celtic arm of the church remembers the Eve of St. Expedite: Carrier of Messages.

St. Expedite, despite the humorous name, is an actual saint that the Roman church canonized, yet took from the rolls due to lack of ”lived evidence.” Like Sts. Christopher and Valentine, this saint doesn’t have much historical backing to legitimize their existence.

And yet, they remain an important part of lore. Why?

Glad you asked…

Expedient soldiers were Roman officers who carried no packs and could move with ease. They were often employed to deliver special messages or deliver pertinent materials to other divisions in quick step.

St. Expedite was thought to be an Armenian Christian who, rather than give worship to the Emperor, died a martyr as a faithful member of the faith, running their errands as necessary.

Calling the phrase “Hodie,” this fast runner yelled “today!” before him, delivering messages far and wide.

Yes, this saint is largely lore. But why are they important?

Because “today” is really the only day we’re promised, Beloved.

And this saint, like so many of the Celtic tradition, draws our attention to what is needful in the world.

So, as St. Mary Oliver rightly asked, what will you do with your, “One wild and precious life?”

-historical notes taken from common sources

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