The Yule Lads

In learning about my Celtic heritage, I stumbled upon a fun tradition of something called “The Yule Lads,” 13 trolls that come from December 12-24 to play pranks. Especially popular in Icelandic lore, these trolls are fun tricksters who, when little children leave their shoes on the window sill, leave candies for good children and rotten potatoes for naughty kids.

December 12th: Sheep Cote Clod visits to harass sheep (but his peg leg prevents him from catching many, and he mostly makes noise).

December 13th: Gully Gawk comes from the mountains to hide in gullies, sneaking into barns to steal milk.

December 14th: Stubby comes to scrape out all the food left in your pans.

December 15th: Spoon Licker licks your spoons.

December 16th: Pot-Scraper scrapes out your pots.

December 17th: Bowl-Licker licks out your dirty bowls.

December 18th: Door Slammer comes late at night to slam your doors while you’re sleeping.

December 19th: Skyr Gobbler arrives. Skyr is a special kind of Icelandic yogurt, but he’ll eat any yogurt…he’s not picky.

December 20th: Sausage Snatcher comes to, well, self-explanatory.

December 21st: Window Peeper comes. A terrible name, this is the kindest of the trolls who is just looking for little snacks to steal by peering through your windows.

December 22nd: Doorway Sniffer comes. He has a strange name, but he’s just sniffing out your cakes and muffins to eat with his strong nose.

December 23rd: Meat Hook comes to eat the Christmas roasts you’re prepping for your holiday feast!

December 24th: Candle Stealer. This harkens back to a day when candles were made from fat and were edible. He waits to take children’s candles to eat!

Fun stuff.

Rotten potatoes for all!

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