The Hearth is Now Our Sun

For the ancient Celts, November was an important time to embrace the next season, the “shadow season” of the year.

They saw the world as having two light sources: the sun, and the hearth.

In the “light season” of the year they would gather around the sun: to play active games, to work hard, and to sweat.

In the “shadow season,” which November ushered in, they would gather around the hearth: to play quiet games, to do small hobbies and care for the family (cooking, cleaning, etc), and to tell and hear stories.

Each season had its own light source. Each season had its own purpose.

They also thought that November was a thin time in the calendar. While Samhain marked the thinnest time, November’s days were also seen as thin, being a time of transitions.

People born in November were thought to have a darker sense of humor and a penchant for forlornness.

More deaths were thought to happen in November. More big decisions made, ready to be executed in the next year.

November is a time of deepening transition as the earth slowly hardens in this hemisphere, and the light continues to dim.

The hearth is now our sun, around which we’ll all wrestle with some thoughts and decisions.

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