Holy Wisdom, Holy Words

Today the church also honors something that defies explanation, other than to say “it is”: Sophia, or Holy Wisdom.

In the Hebrew scriptures Wisdom is spoken of using feminine pronouns, sometimes colloquially called “Lady Wisdom.” In the texts she attends the throne of the Divine, whispering in the Divine ear. Or, in other places, is the Divine breath breathed forth over creation.

Wind. Flame. Spirit. Inspiration. Holy Spirit. Muse. Divine Wisdom has been called many names by humanity over the centuries. In Celtic Christianity she’s identified with the Wild Goose, flying where it makes gut-sense to go in the rhythm of the seasons, loud and untamable.

I quite like that description.

October 5th is a day to honor scholars, sages, and wise persons. Most everyone has the potential to grow old, but not everyone who grows old grows wise. And certainly some who never reach old age are wise already! Wisdom is pursued and painstakingly won in life through observation, meditation, and experience that is analyzed. Every stumble and blessing can be, must be, a teacher.

Sophia, Lady Wisdom, Divine Insight…however you want to say it…is a reminder for me, and should be for the whole church, that though we age, becoming wise takes effort.

Let those with ears to hear, hear.-notes about Sophia by me, though attention to the saint day was brought by Judika Illes in her work _Daily Magic_

-icon written by Maria-Tina Karamanlakis

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